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About the programme

Intensive programme to support development of innovative ideas and startup projects provides  opportunity for young people to test their innovative ideas and startup projects in cooperation with partner organizations, create their own startups, develop their skills and capacity in the field of entrepreneurship.

What will the programme participants get

Participation in the acceleration programme

Quick check of project viability, which will save time and resources


On methodology and tools for launching and developing innovative ideas and startup projects

Project road map

Developed by you together with business mentor accompanying your team

Workshops and consulting

Participating in seminars and getting expertise from mentors and leading experts of the market

Marketing and customer studies

Identification of target audience, testing value propositions and hypotheses of the project


Access to the resources of partner organizations for creating Minimum Viable Product of project, testing and getting feedback

Presentation on investors

Finalists of the programme will present their startup on Demo Day and may attract investment for the implementation of the project

Finansial support and prizes

The best projects will receive valuable prizes and targeted gratuitous cash rewards of up to 50 million soums for the development of the project

PR support

PR of your project, assistance in attracting investments and participation in acceleration programmes of foreign countries

Who can participate?

Initiative youth above 16 years old, entrepreneurs, inventors, students, teachers and researchers of higher educational institutions, graduates of vocational colleges and academic lyceums are invited to participate in the programme

Projects and teams led by girls or whose teams include girls as co-founders are welcome

What is required from participants ?

  • Maximum engagement and active participation in all events
  • Willingness for intensive and independent work on the implementation of project
  • Passion for your project, openness of thinking and creative approach
  • Focus on results and entrepreneurial approach to achieving the goal
  • Perception of constructive criticism, adequacy and high internal energy

Why one should participate in our programme?


You will get knowledge, skills and expertise on launching and developing a startup from the best experts of the country’s startup community: as through communication with mentors, successful entrepreneurs, as well as during educational programmes


During the three months of participation, you can not only test the idea, develop the skills and potential of a technology entrepreneur, but also start creating your startup and get financing for its launch


Participation in the programme is free, and the organizers do not claim a share in your project or your intellectual property

Selection criteria


Teams must be able to build a Minimum Viable Product during their participation in the programme (3 months)

Solving the problem

Your product or service should be focused on solving specific problems of the target audience, and correspond to the business request of the partner organizations

Technological novelty

The project should be based on a unique innovative solution that is different from competitors, with a clear and attractive value proposition

Investment attractiveness

Your product or solution must have significant market value and great potential for growth and scale

Project team

The project should have determined and capable team of at least 2 individuals who are focused on results and ready for intensive work

Programme stages

1 Stage

Preliminary selection on the basis of technological and business evaluation of applications received. Projects that have successfully completed this stage will be invited to an in-person meeting – an interview with an expert group

2 Stage

Interviews with teams and project evaluation. The expert group will identify promising innovative ideas and startup projects for participation in the support programme

3 Stage

The launch of the support programme (acceleration programme) begins with an educational course on the Lean Startup methodology, with the participation of teams of selected projects

4 Stage

Individual work with business mentors, workshops and expert advices (mentors), hypothesis testing, development of minimum viable models, test sales and market research

5 Stage

“Demo-day” –  presentation of participants’ results in the regions and the national stage of “Demo-day” in Tashkent.

The most ambitious and effective innovators will meet at the final. We will reward best projects with encouraging prizes and financial funds

Priority areas of technologies

Tourism, travel and hospitality services

BuildTech and housing and communal services

  1. Increasing speed and lowering cost of construction
  2. Home engineering system
  3. Improving efficiency of real estate operation
  4. Ensuring safety and improving quality of life
  5. Production and sale of new types of building materials

E-governance and ERP/ERM systems

FinTech and financial services

  1. B2C marketing tools
  2. Services for B2C clients
  3. Online services for small businesses
  4. Solutions for evaluating potential customers of loan products
  5. Services for interacting with clients
  6. Solutions for collecting and analysing customer data
  7. Services for employees
  8. HR solutions

AgroTech and FoodTech

  • B2C marketing qurollari
  • B2C mijozlar uchun xizmatlar
  • Kichik biznes uchun online xizmatlar
  • Kredit mahsulotlarining istiqboldagi mijozlarini baholash uchun yechimlar
  • Mijozlar bilan muloqot qilish uchun xizmatlar
  • Mijozlar haqida ma’lumotlarni to’plash va tahlil qilish yechimlari
  • Xodimlar uchun xizmatlar

Energy, conservation and portable energy sources

Autonomous and robotic systems

Medicine, pharmacology and biotechnology

Transport and logistics services

Trade, smart retail, services

EdTech, HR Tech, procurement

AdTech and AI in advertising

Media, entertainment and gaming services

Safety, biometrics, computer vision

Social technologies (ecology, sport, urban environment);

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality

Co-Sharing /Co-use

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Submit application

Applications accepted till october 13, 2019

For your convenience, you can download the application form in MS Word format, write answers offline, and copy to the online form

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